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Support Rose

Hey everyone. I would like to write to you today as a devout member of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, or ECCC. For those of you that don’t know, the ECCC includes any and all colleges from the Mason-Dixon to Maine who like to race bikes (we even have some guys from Canada come down to our races). When you race in the ECCC, you become part of a family. You create friendships with other riders: traveling to each others’ campuses, sleeping on each others’ floors (hotel rooms are expensive), and suffering through the same gloriously difficult race courses.

I am sad to report that one special member of the ECCC family, Rose Long from the Univeristy of Vermont, was in a bike horrific accident a while ago.  If you don’t know Rose, she is quite the character. Her intense personality and unstoppable enthusiasm fit right in with the other crazies at UVM. She is also one heck of a rider, winning the overall ECCC road championship last spring and kicking butt in every race I saw here in this summer. Rose was involved in a bike-on-car hit and run that left her with countless injuries, including: a severe laceration of the face, a broken wrist, a shattered jaw, a broken eye orbital, a chipped l-4 vertebrae, lacerations all over her body, the loss of 12 teeth and severe damage to her palate. Fortunately, Rose is doing better and, just like in her bike training, is pushing herself as hard as she can to recover.

The bills from Roses numerous surgeries are hitting the Long family hard. That is why the UVM cycling team has created a website,www.roselong.com, to help raise money for the Long family. If you want to contribute, or just want learn more about an awesome bike rider and an awesome chick, visit the site.



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