The Art of Racking

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg,  has created an initiative to make NYC more bike friendly. Part of this promise is to create more places for people to park their bikes. The need for bike parking, both indoors and outside, has led to the CityRacks Design Competition. Hundreds of design companies submitteed their entries, and the judges have narrowed the selection down to 10 finalists. These finalists will post their design on a few select street corners in New York to see if they can handle the conditions, those NYC bike messangers are pretty crazy. A month from tomorrow, the judges will be announcing the winner of the competition, who will receive $10,000 and have their design on street corners throughout the city. To view the ten finalists and learn more about the CityRack Design Competition, visit the link below.

Francis Anthony Bitonti (finalist)

FADarch: Francis Anthony Bitonti (finalist)


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    I think this is the wrong image for the credit.

    has different photos.

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