International Walk to School Day just around the corner

October 8th is the International walk to school day. Groups from around the world will be leaving their gas gusslers at home and hitting the sidewalk. This effort, sposonred by the orgnization iwalk, is ment to show students how easy, and fun, it is to use alternative means of transportation for short commutes to places like school. While I think it is a great thing for kids to learn how to commute in a healthy, and more eco-friendly manner, I also think adults need to hold up there end of the bargin, making sure roads are safe for students walking, and riding bikes, to school. Groups like the West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance are working to create an extensive inventory of their street conditions, so that funds can be allocated to where they will make the most difference. With everyone doing their park, walk to school day may become a year-round event for some kids.

For more information on October 10th event visit


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