Park(ing) Day greens the streets in NYC

Here is an article from Transportation Alternatives about their event last month throughout NYC.

We Came, We Saw, We Park(ed)

Last Friday, thousands of New Yorkers woke up to a city temporarily transformed. It was the second annual Park(ing) Day NYC, and while millions lay sleeping, a dedicated crew of artists, elected officials, architects and citizens were hard at work turning parking spots around the city into inviting public spaces.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and inspiration of all involved, 53 parking spaces across the five boroughs were repurposed as Park(ing) Spots for the day. 629 pieces of sod turned 6,290 square feet of intimidating asphalt into oases of green on the street. There were games for kids, activities for the creative and chair and benches aplenty for those inclined to recline. And because it’s New York, at least two locations even sported free WiFi, a relief to those torn between their love of lounging outdoors and their need to work.

Most of all, Park(ing) Day NYC 2008 was a clarion call for more space for people in a city too often dominated by the automobile. Using scant resources and no more than a sliver of space, Park(ing) Day participants demonstrated the transformative potential that even small reclamations can have. While Manhattan Community Boards Two and Four showcased the principles of a bicycle parking spot swap, a midtown consultancy moved their staff out of doors for the day, meetings and all.

In a city obsessed with the next big thing, Park(ing) Day is a reminder that sometimes a little can go a long way.

Park(ing) Day is the third Friday of September every year. For more information on the event, or how to participate next year, please visit, and don’t forget about Park(ing) Day redux on October 18th at Eyebeam Gallery.

Link to Park(ing) day 2008 video:


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