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Davis, Calif: Most Bike Friendly City in the US

The Leauge of American Bicyclists have named Davis, California the most bike friendly city in the United States. A thirty-year long campagin by bike enthusiasts, city planners, and city officials has made it a utopian society for cyclists. Some of the factors that make Davis so bike able are the climate, wide roads, the nearby Univ of Calif campus, and most importantly the self-sustaining design of the city. The close proximity of community centers, schools, jobs, and stores makes biking a quick and easy means of transportation for the majority of trips. Even if we can’t control these things in our community, we can use the city of Davis as proof that a bike friendly is not just a dream, but is most certainly a reality.

To read the article on Davis, visit www.bicyclefriendlycommunity.org/davis1.htm

To have your community recognized as a bike friendly community, apply at www.bicyclefriendlycommunity.org/apply.cfm


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