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Rutgers University bike info doesn’t stack up to the competition

I have been biking to a from classes at Rutgers University for the past 4 years. I have seen a lot of changes in the geography, condition, and accessiblity of the roads on the banks of the Raritan, but what has been most pleasing to me during the start of this school year is the number of bike commuters. When I started biking across New Brunswick to Cook/Douglass, I remember being the lone biker dodging my way through cars down and pedestrians. Now the same sections on George Street are littered with college students each way, riding the curbs and passing at least two EE buses in the process. However, just like the academics here at RU, now that we have the students’ attentions we need to teach them something. Unforutunately the only information that can be found on the Rutgers DOTS website is a pdf of a bike map consisting of several discontinuous and misrepresented bike paths. If you look at other schools across the nation, Rutgers is definitely falling behind. For Example, the University of California Davis not only has an extensive bike map of the campus and the surrounding city, the University also provides services like free bike commuting classes, endless miles of well-maintained bike paths, summer storage facilities, showers for commuters, lock cutting services, and abandoned bike removal and reauction to students in need of bikes. Such a support system has led to over 15,000 students, that is over half of UC Davis students, using bicycles.  Imagine if half of RU students rode bikes. The buses (when you would need to take them) would be less crowded, students would get to classes faster, giving them more time for academics as social activities, and fewer buses would mean less traffic and cleaner like air. To make this dream a reality there must be more resources and facilites available from college bikers at Rutgers, like more bike paths, easier access to racks, informative websites (like www.mappler.com/rubus_to_bike), etc. What Trek bicycle company President John Burke said is true, “Bicycling is a very simple solution to many complicated problems in the world”.


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